Swinging Bridge Farm now offers nearly two acres of U pick blueberries  (over 600 bushes) for a picking season that runs from middle of June to the end of July.    Please call me as ripening time can vary depending on the weather.   828-964-2030 is my cell number.   Berries are sold for ten dollars per gallon.   Or three dollars per quart.   Payment is on the honor system. There is a well labeled slot in the old barn next to the blueberry field.   Bring cash or a personal check.  

    In this time of the Covid virus  it is important to maintain common sense precautions.   Social distancing certainly.   Masks at your discretion.  It might be good for you to bring your own buckets and plastic bags.   We do provide buckets and bags that we will keep as clean as possible.    Generally there are rarely more than one or two groups of pickers at a time.   I believe that fresh air, sunshine, and common sense will keep all of us safe. 

    Directions to the farm are on my website ('directions') but if you get to Brownwood Rd in Deep Gap my signs will lead you to the farm.  There is plenty of parking and the swinging bridge is toll free during blueberry season.  Many of our bushes are over 40 years old.   As a guide, it usually takes me an hour or more to pick one gallon.   Our newest development on the farm is a planting of cranberries in our bogland .  we hope to offer U pick cranberries next year.

    I know you will enjoy berry picking on our farm and have a great experience.  Once again, it is usually best to call me at 828-964-2030  to make sure berries are in season and not picked out.   Chuck Lieberman    

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