About Our Farm

We grow Christmas trees, blueberries and rhododendrons on our sixteen acre farm. When Chuck bought the land in 1980, he knew he wanted to begin farming, but he had quite a lot to learn. He had a degree in agriculture, but the focus had been citrus crops--not much use in the mountains. He took courses locally and planted his first trees the following year. When he's not farming, he delivers the mail in nearby Meat Camp.

Our trees start as tiny seedlings on Roan Mountain. We hand plant them in beds and then transplant them again by hand to our slopes a year or two later. With the exception of shearing, and a little help from Eleanor with mowing and weeding, Chuck does all the work on the farm himself.

Choose and cut season is lots of fun for customers and it's great for the small growers in Watuaga County. We meet the people who will be putting up our trees and we get a chance to share our farms with them. So come along and bring your friends, too.

About the bridge. We renamed the farm when Chuck built a bridge to link two blueberry fields which were separated by a stream and a small gorge. Chuck talked with several engineer friends and studied books on suspension bridges. In the end he constructed the bridge his own way.Two years and 60 bags of cement later, in May 2005, the bridge was ready for dedication.The bridge is named for Chuck's father, Jerry Lieberman, who passed his love of nature on to Chuck.

Because of climatic changes our farm will be open for blueberry picking from June 20 to August 2.  Please call me at 828-264-5738 or my cell at 828-964-2030 because every harvest season is different.   We now have 600 bushes.

We look forward to your visit,

Chuck and Eleanor Lieberman


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